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There's a hidden potential out there.
Real estate potential. Don't you think? We do!

We discover potentials for owners & investors to increase the added value and yield of their real estate portfolio. The GREP business model combines 2 value propositions:

  • The identification of innovation potential for real estate - this is where our expertise lies, especially in properties considered to have little or no chance of generating a return.
  • The development of market-attractive projects - thus we offer our clients ideal conditions to contribute their own ideas and reach a new level of innovation. and to develop and establish a highly attractive market product.

These two fields of activity are framed by our GREP services, which make GERMAN RE PIONEERS unique - an exclusive partnership to turn your ideas into reality.

What does this mean in concrete terms?

  • We create transparency for you! We can do this with our knowledge of the market and our long-standing networks!
    - GREP Real Estate Documenting
  • We uncover potentials for you! We can do this with our experience and knowledge of trends, topics and location developments
    - GREP Real Estate Profiling
  • We design concrete project prototypes with you! We can do this because we approach the tasks in an innovative, creative and structured way!
    - GREP Real Estate Innovating
  • We find the best tenants who do not know today that they will move tomorrow!
    - GREP Real Estate User
  • We are partners because we create "products" that are sustainable and deliver what they promise!
    - GREP Real Estate Sales

With an entrepreneurial attitude, we use the philosophy of startups, decades of experience, our established network of experts and methodological competence in structured project development.

GERMAN REAL ESTATE PIONEERS - companions for your success!

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German Real Estate Pioneers GmbH
Bilenbargstieg 3

22397 Hamburg, Germany

phone: +49 800 - 47 37 000

Fax: +49 40 69704312

Email: info@grep.de