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As co-founder, Stephanie Birkner enriches GREP with her scientific expertise and her practical experience as a trained coach. The initiation and support of innovation processes as well as her unclouded view of the real estate industry brings a breath of fresh air and new ideas into your projects.

With an entrepreneurial attitude, we use the philosophy of startups, decades of experience, our established network of experts and methodological competence in structured project development for this project work.
This means that there is not, as usual, an exchange about the property with different project participants at different times, but that these are concentrated in agile project prints and collaboratively processed by all experts at a fixed time. Methodically creative ways are deliberately chosen to strike a balance between analytical and creative phases. This also includes the fact that we integratively combine different professional perspectives and experiences in the GREP process concept. Thus it is possible to transform a project opportunity into a marketable real estate project within a short period of time.

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